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Three Rivers Community Players Theatre

15526 Millard Rd. Three Rivers, MI 49093 (269) 273-1121

Three Rivers Community Players


We Currently have an open Board Position for:

Play Selection

Position description is as follows:

                       Board Member—Play Selection Chair – 1 year term

                           1.  Shall conduct periodic meetings for the purpose of reading and reviewing scripts

                           2.  Shall present for General Membership approval a slate of plays for which 

                                 there is director interest, for the following season.

                           3.  Shall conduct all correspondence with publishing houses including:

                                     Acquiring all contracts, scripts, scores, etc. for all TRCP productions, and verifying 

                                     payment of royalties was sent/received.

                           4.  Verify all rented materials were collected and returned to the appropriate 

                                     rental house in a timely manner, in coordination with the Director and Treasurer.

                           5.  Shall monitor rentals, housekeeping and catalogue updates for the TRCP library of plays. 

If you are interested, please contact us.

We also have a non-board position open for:

House Manager

Position description is as follows:

                                        HOUSE MANAGER     Duties:

                               1. Arrive 90 minutes prior to curtain in order to complete setup.

                               2. Check auditorium for trash on the floor in seating area.

                               3. Make sure lobby is presentable.

                               4. Check with director or stage manager concerning final details.

                               5. Secure keys for front door and cash drawer.

                               6. Check restrooms for trash, cleanliness, and supplies.

                               7. Arrange for ushers to be in attendance.

                               8. Be sure ushers understand their duties.

                               9. Greet patrons as they enter.

                             10. Assist box office with distributing pre-sold tickets.

                             11. Open auditorium doors 30 minutes prior to curtain.

                             12. Inform audience as to the location of restrooms 15 minutes prior to curtain time.

                             13. Handle any seating problems.

                             14. Insure that ushers have enough programs.

                             15. Check with director as far as any pre-show announcements to the audience is concerned.

                             16. Check the outside for late arriving patrons.

                             17. Do everything possible to help get the performance started on time.

                             18. After start of Act I, set up lobby for intermission.

                             19. At intermission, run 50/50 drawing if applicable.

                             20. Flash lobby lights 5 minutes prior to the start of Act II.

                             21. During Act II put away hospitality.

                             22. Put 50/50 revenue in envelope and place in cash drawer.

                             23. Put hospitality revenue in envelope and place in cash drawer.

                             24. After performance, make sure that someone takes out the trash, straightens up 

                                   the auditorium, tends to the restrooms, turns out the lights and locks the doors.